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9 Kid Resolutions That Are Totally LOL

Posted by Administrator GoldieBlox at

When asked to consider their year-long goals, kids sure know how to make things interesting!  Here are nine of our favorite LOL New Year’s Resolutions that came straight from the mouths of babes. 



“Be nicer to my sisters and that’s going to be a super hard one!”  It sure is, buddy!  Via Hiho Kids



Kate must not be a fan of rotten egg salad!  via Richmondmom


I wonder if John has big shoes to fill as well? 


Annie sounds like a real hero!   Via Richmondmom


While Kendra can work on being more positive, we do commend her honesty!   Via Supriseride

Wonder if trading gel roll pens was making her grades suffer? Via Twitter 

Lily, if you find a way to make that happen let us know! 


Declan Is on a mission but we’re not sure why! Via Surpriseride

We hope you enjoyed the laughs and have a seriously funny New Year! 

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