Mermaid Shell Phone Case – GoldieBlox
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Mermaid Shell Phone Case

Posted by Administrator GoldieBlox at


1 With help from an adult, place a small drop of hot glue on the back on the cell phone case.

2 As soon as you place the glue drop, put a charm or jewel on top of it. Repeat until you have covered the whole back of the phone case for a true beach aesthetic.

3 Call all your friends and head to the beach!


The Sci Behind the DIY

Hot glue, otherwise known as hot melt adhesive, is a type of thermoplastic adhesive. Though it comes in solid tubes, the hot glue gun uses a heating element that melts the tubes once the trigger is pulled. Unlike adhesives like rubber cement that get stronger as they dry, hot glue forms a strong bond instantly with whatever it’s stuck to. This means hot glue dries quickly, so it’s important to glue objects together while the adhesive is still really hot. The reason hot glue is so strong is because of the polymers (big chains of molecules) in the adhesive. The strength makes it a big help for projects with wood, metal and leather. 

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