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Things Daughters Said That Will Make You LOL

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Just when you think you’ve done everything you can to keep your kids on the straight and narrow, they say something so surprising, you can’t help but lose it. Even if it’s the most inappropriate thing at the worst time, it’s still the thing you and your daughters will remember forever. We asked parents what their girls have said recently that made them laugh and we hope you laugh along with them.

“We were visiting a bank to make a deposit. My daughter picks up the security chained pen and says, “Wow, you trust them with your money but they don’t trust us with their pen!” – Deborah D.


“My daughter used to call escalators ‘alligators’ when she was in preschool. She told her teachers we rode on many alligators in Hong Kong!” – Connie C.


“Little Sister decided to sample one of the cat’s treats. My wife tries to get it out of her mouth, but she is already chewing with a look of major disappointment. We’re all laughing. Big Sister says, ‘Oh, (Little Sister),’ then she turns to us, lets out a big sigh, and says, ‘Now she’s gonna die and I am gonna miss her.’ Then she went back to coloring.” – Amber L.


“I asked my daughters if they had any million dollar invention ideas. My youngest who was six said “hundred dollar bill maker.” – Mike L.


“We were having Tilapia for dinner one night, and my four-year-old declared, ‘Mom! This dead fish is delicious!'” – Julia M.


“My daughter had had enough of her two-year-old daughter taunting her big brother, and told her to please let it go. My granddaughter said, ‘Mama, I am not Elsa. I can’t let it go.’ ” – Laurel S.


“My daughter Emily was talking about a discussion they had in one of her classes about homogeneous societies, and my daughter Amy asked me if the definition of homogeneous was a smart, gay person.” – Diane G.


“My eight-year-old likes her steak medium rare, but asks for ‘rarely cooked beef.’ ” – Windi H.

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