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    Build an Adventure

    Meet Goldie & the Gang


    Nickname: "G"

    Goldie is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a mechanical engineer, an inventor, and a waffle-lover. She builds wonderful, amazing, bloxtastic machines that sometimes really do work. And sometimes they definitely do not. No worries, Goldie knows that the best engineers have to get it wrong over and over before they get something just right. She never gives up because the fun is in the failing! Constantly curious and confident Goldie is full of energy and big ideas. She loves to solve problems for her family and friends and, of course, to help BloxTown.


    Nickname: "Rubes"

    Stylish Ruby is the best coder in BloxTown. She’s a software engineer who lives life by her own code. Ruby likes to do things her way—and that way is very organized, methodical, and clean. She loves Goldie but her mess drives her nuts. There’s no mincing words for Ruby: she tells it like it is. Ruby designs all of her own clothes with a program she wrote called “Dress_Code.” Ruby’s also a prize-winning photographer and the editor of the Higgs Bozon school yearbook. Does Ruby ever stop? Nope. She’s got it all together. Well... Most of the time. ;)

    Li GRAViTY

    Nickname: "Heights"

    Li Gravity is a risk-taker who loves to calculate the physics behind his big stunts. He’s also Goldie’s long-time neighbor and best friend. Li and Goldie have known each other since they were in diapers (Goldie’s still trying to invent something to erase that memory). Li digs dazzling displays of daredevilness. Good thing he manages to come up with the right calcuations to pull off his craziest of feats. Laid-back Li always seems to keep his cool, even when he’s in the throes of a wild adventure. As he reaches the zenith, this guy is zen!


    Nickname: "Val" or "VV"

    Techie Valentina loves gadgets and is the first one in line when a new tablet or smart phone comes out. She’s always coming up with new ways to power things, or light up a room, or just add a few circuits when that’s exactly what is needed. Small, but strong, Val’s the quietest of Goldie’s friends. She’s thoughtful and analytical. Val is an amazing musician, especially on the drums. She keeps the beat in Goldie and The GearHeads, and is the steady rock amongst her friends. Everyone knows they can lean on Val because she listens.


    Nacho is Goldie’s hungry, happy basset hound, loyal sidekick, and trusty assistant. Nacho eats, farts, and drools—the trifecta! He’s always ready with a wrench or a hammer; too bad it’s usually covered in slobber or crumbs.


    Benjamin is Goldie’s Gram's cat. Which for better or worse, makes him her cat, too. Goldie loves Ben, but wow, does this kitty have a bad cattitude. Despite his cranky ways, though, Benjamin Cranklin secretly adores Goldie.


    Lucky, Goldie’s GOLD-fish, is named after one of Goldie’s luckiest days ever! She won her playing the High Roller game at the BloxTown Fair. Lucky loves to eat fortune cookies, and her favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. Luck of the Fish!


    Katinka is the pink dolphin ballerina that dances inside Goldie’s music box. Katinka comes to life only in Goldie’s ginormous, wacky imagination. This silly and playful dolphin likes pageants, ballet... and racing cars!

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