Games For Girls – GoldieBlox
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Learning games for girls to inspire future engineers 

GoldieBlox is a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers. Girls are losing interest in math and science as young as age 8. Take a walk through a toy store and you can begin to see why; the “blue aisle” is filled with construction toys and chemistry sets, while the “pink aisle” is filled with princesses and dolls—there are too few games for girls that encourage them to be problem solvers and inventors. Research shows that the earlier kids get interested in math and science, the more likely they are to go into those fields as adults. It’s time we made better games for girls.

GoldieBlox is a series of interactive books + construction toys starring Goldie, a curious girl with a love of engineering. Goldie’s stories encourage girls to build, developing the spatial skills that are fundamental to engineering. While the story unfolds, girls get to build what Goldie builds. GoldieBlox games for girls leverage girls’ advanced verbal skills to help develop and build self-confidence in their spatial skills.

So why are female engineers important? As it stands, only 11% of engineers in the US are women, even though engineering and tech are two of the fastest growing fields in job creation. Most importantly, engineers are literally the builders and designers of our world; from the products we use, to the way we communicate, to the cities we inhabit. Gender equality in these fields will provide the balance and innovation that we all need to thrive.

It’s about time we opened our girls’ minds beyond the pink aisle. We’re building a new way to play so our girls can help build our future. Learn more about our toys for girls or buy the toy now.

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