Lightning Strikes Music Video – GoldieBlox
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Lightning Strikes in our new music video! Featuring original song by Emily Haines of Metric.

Goldie knows that any "failed" experiment is really just one step closer to that "a-ha" moment… the moment when Lightning Strikes, and the solution becomes clear.

In engineering, and in life, failure is a huge part of any great success. No real innovation happens without it. The problem is, girls are less likely to try new things when they're not sure of the outcome, and are less likely to invest in the power of practice and effort; they believe that they are either born with any given skill set, or they're not.

Let Goldie show your girl how to keep trying until she hits a breakthrough, her moment of inspiration. Your daughter deserves to have the confidence to keep at it until Lightning Strikes.

GoldieBlox and The
Builder's Survival Kit $59.99

Give a lightening strikes moment to a girl in your life with the Builder’s Survival Kit. She can build the car featured in the video!

Learn how to build
the lightning car

Goldie's Failed

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